Watch the Nilgiris Wild Food Festival short film, part 1

by Team TNF

The Nilgiris Foundation hosted the first edition of The Nilgiris Wild Food Festival, in December 2022, that brought together local indigenous communities, farmers, chefs, and food lovers to understand and appreciate the rich and diverse culinary heritage of the Nilgiris.

The festival was a first-of-its-kind celebration that placed the spotlight on wild food, local produce, and indigenous communities. The festival had a food market that displayed fresh and dried wild foods, not typically found in mainstream grocery stores. It was an excellent opportunity to try something new and relish the authentic tastes of the Nilgiris.

The event featured a range of events showcasing traditional Nilgiris cuisine from different indigenous communities, made with locally sourced ingredients. Famous chefs were also present, reinventing the delectable dishes with the traditional produce. It was a sensory delight for everyone who attended, giving them a chance to explore and experience the unique flavors of the Nilgiris.

We captured this fine experience in a short film in two parts. Watch the first part of the Nilgiris Wild Food Festival 2022 short film, and get a glimpse of the vibrant, flavorful culture of the Nilgiris.

Watch the second part of the short film to know the real custodians of the wild food in the Nilgiris.

Film credits

Creative direction:

Rajesh Reddy | Ramya Reddy ( | Pranoy Biswas (

Shot by: Pranav Bhat (, Pranoy Biswas (, and Suraj Mahbubani (

Narrative edit by Sreejith Mo (